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Dan Allendar Conference

On September 28-29 well-known author, founding seminary president, and therapist, Dr. Dan Allender, will be speaking at a conference entitled Healing the Wounded Heart. This conference, being held at Dordt College, speaks into many of the painful and often hidden issues resulting from sexual abuse, providing hope for survivors and those who know or work with victims of sexual abuse. This event is being sponsored by Sioux Center Christian School, Bethesda Christian Counseling and Dordt College. Links to register for the conference are at www.siouxcenterchristian.comREGISTER BY SEPT 9 for the Early Bird registration price. (please remove this sentence from the announcement after the first week)

Dr. Allender is also holding a special workshop called Abuse, Trauma & Spiritual Warfare. The morning & afternoon conference on Friday, Sept 28 is for teachers, staff, administrators, guidance counselors, therapists, and pastors. More information and registration for this workshop can be found at

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Deon Wynia also has an interview with The Allender Center online: